The Barre Effect

Is it ballet? Dance? Pilates? Yoga? Turns out barre formats can be all of the above.

Training Day

Three unusual cross-training workouts pro athletes swear by—and that you can do too.

Bouncing Across the Finish Line

In the early 1990s, Swiss engineer and aging runner Denis Naville faced knee problems. Frustrated at being unable to run pain-free, he designed Kangoo Jumps boots so he could run with reduced joint impact.Read More

Hot workout trend puts a spring in your step

Bouncing around like kangaroos with huge smiles on their faces, Kangoo jumpers burn extra calories, stimulate their lymphatic systems and reduce the impact on their joints by up to 80 percent.

Exercise Balls Are On A Roll

Traditionally used for physical therapy to help patients with balance and stability, fitness balls have now bounced their way into group exercise classes, yoga and Pilates studios, and even home gyms.