Smooth Operators or Wild Animals?


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My twin boys have been fascinated by pretty girls since they could wave from their double stroller. But as a mom who grew up with only one sister, I have zero experience with handling little boys who notice females and recruit their own babysitters. Read More

Bouncing Across the Finish Line

In the early 1990s, Swiss engineer and aging runner Denis Naville faced knee problems. Frustrated at being unable to run pain-free, he designed Kangoo Jumps boots so he could run with reduced joint impact.Read More

Mommy and Me²

As a stay-at-home mother of energetic three year old twin boys, the discovery of “Mommy and Me” classes made me happier than non-chafe nursing pads. I’d get out of a house so baby-proofed I couldn’t watch my own TV, and the boys would get exercise.Read More

These Mothers Wanna Win!

When I first moved to Boulder from Los Angeles, I was a fit, athletic mother of twin toddlers. I thought I looked great. When asked by other mothers, “What do you do?” I’d proudly respond, “I’m a fitness instructor!”