Pedaling In Tandem

“Watch out for the bus!” and “Don’t you see the stop sign?” I used to scream from the back of the tandem to my boyfriend Jon in front. That was in the beginning,Read More

Mothers of Invention

What are some of your favorite products and services? Do you ever stop to think about whether they’re local or come from women owned businesses?

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Broken Speed Dial

“I can’t see in my right eye,” my ninety-one year old grandmother says. “It’s just a cloud.”

“When did this happen?” I ask, placing salad bowls in front of us on her small dining table.

“A week ago maybe,” she says. “The doctor thinks he can fix it.”


Dorothy was the reason I dreaded going to work. I taught water aerobics and thought I was hot stuff. I had great music – Madonna, the soundtrack to Footloose, Donna Summer.Read More

Meant To Be

I’ve known my friend Jessa for seven years. We’re in daily contact, and she knows all the secrets of my life: my shoplifting at age 8, how I cheated on my ex, and how I’m terrified to become a mother.Read More

Training the Boulder Way

Boulder Lifestyle 7/13.

When I was single in California, I loved to ride my bike. I’d cruise along the beach, ride to meetings, or just wander.Read More