Dorothy was the reason I dreaded going to work. I taught water aerobics and thought I was hot stuff. I had great music – Madonna, the soundtrack to Footloose, Donna Summer.Read More

Meant To Be

I’ve known my friend Jessa for seven years. We’re in daily contact, and she knows all the secrets of my life: my shoplifting at age 8, how I cheated on my ex, and how I’m terrified to become a mother.Read More

Foodies In The Woods

I am not a foodie. I have food poisoned myself, realized after six months in a new condo that the oven didn’t work, and over-cooked canned chowder so badly it exploded like foam out of a fire extinguisher on lifting the pot lid.

Wine Tasting 101

At the university I attended, there was a school of hotel management. One of the most popular courses amongst non-hotel students was “Introduction to Wines.” We liberal arts and engineering majors snickered like fifth graders taking a second grade spelling test. Rumor had it you sat in a huge lecture hall and sampled wines all afternoon. How hard could that be?

These Mothers Wanna Win!

When I first moved to Boulder from Los Angeles, I was a fit, athletic mother of twin toddlers. I thought I looked great. When asked by other mothers, “What do you do?” I’d proudly respond, “I’m a fitness instructor!”

Riding the Volcano

It’s day three of our 310 mile bike ride around Hawaii’s Big Island, and I’m feeling stoked. The landscape resembles an alien planet with olive green ferns and lichen framing black lava boulders.Read More

Big Moguls, Bad Hairday

“Not listening to your intuition,” the man said.

He was answering my question about the number one cause of accidents in outdoor active and wilderness sports.Read More