Julia Cameron

From The Chicago Tribune 4/19/2000.

Julia Cameron, author of ‘The Artist’s Way,’ ‘The Vein of Gold,’ and ‘The Right to Write,’ has helped thousands of painters, poets, sculptors, actors and musicians unblock their creativity in the past two decades.

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What’s Your Diet Type?

For decades, Americans have been bombarded with conflicting diet information. We’ve been told meat and cheese will kill us, and only a low-fat, high carbohydrate diet will keep us healthy. Then a no-carb, protein-only diet comes on the scene, and many people claim weight loss success. Who are we to believe?

Have Zoo Will Travel

A life-long animal lover, Beth Bishop collected over 40 different “pets,” ranging from snakes and turtles to rabbits, ferrets, and raccoons, by age 29. At that time, she worked endless hours in her catering business with little time for herself.

Secrets to a Multi-Level Class

In an ideal world, all health clubs and studios would offer a variety of classes delineated for beginners or advanced students. But often the reality means we have experienced exercisers, pregnant women, people recovering from injuries, and de-conditioned individuals all in one class.Read More

Table Manners

Pooping in a park in broad daylight? Refusing to get in the car until a hot Brazilian nanny kisses them goodbye? Being inappropriately affectionate with their principal? These are just a few of the parenting challenges I’ve faced with my identical twin boys in their ten years so far, but dining etiquette tops the list.

Pedaling In Tandem

“Watch out for the bus!” and “Don’t you see the stop sign?” I used to scream from the back of the tandem to my boyfriend Jon in front. That was in the beginning,Read More

Mothers of Invention

What are some of your favorite products and services? Do you ever stop to think about whether they’re local or come from women owned businesses?

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Broken Speed Dial

“I can’t see in my right eye,” my ninety-one year old grandmother says. “It’s just a cloud.”

“When did this happen?” I ask, placing salad bowls in front of us on her small dining table.

“A week ago maybe,” she says. “The doctor thinks he can fix it.”